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PropTech Baltic is a network for innovation, startups, and developers in the real estate industry across Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It connects investors and forward-thinking members of the real estate industry with innovators and PropTech companies both in the Baltics and the rest of Europe. We are community which creates.

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PropTech events in the Baltics

PropTech breakfast Vilnius

Talent Garden, Vilniaus g. 33, Vilnius 

2020 / 2/ 11

PropTech Baltic Launches World’s First PropTech Sandbox

RealBox aims to attract PropTech companies from around the globe to Lithuania to test and pilot their products, supported by consultants and developers at no cost.

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Are you a PropTech company, a startup, an investor, an experienced real estate company, or just a curious person who wants to join us and create a bigger innovation network?

We can offer PropTech national and international events, help with forming a community of potential partners with co-creation opportunities, information about PropTech, and access to investors, Accelerator Programmes, mentors, and customers.

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